Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ah Ha Is Not My Favorite Palindrome

So, remember the avocado seed that was doing well and then wasn't? Rumor has it that we had it growing upside down.

The Moral of the Story: Put the avocado seed in water, wide-side down.

Very interesting. And here I am, blogging away, trying to inspire others to follow my gardening lead.

It reminds me of my first job. Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, FL. I was a 16 year-old, and I rotated every thirty minutes to a different part of the museum: I ran the hurricane machine, I presented liquid nitrogen shows (yes, they even had me pour it down my arm), and I staffed the butterfly garden. I would delight in showing people the tiny, white butterfly eggs hidden snugly under the leaves. People would exclaim, "Oh. I'm so glad you pointed them out to me; I would've mistaken those for aphids and sprayed them."

A few months passed. Amber, the resident entomologist, stopped by to check on the garden. She poked around for a while and said, "Oh. Looks like we've got to get rid of these aphids."

So, for your own sake and the sake of your garden, please double-check any advice I give you in Google.

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camella said...

"You don't have a garden just for yourself. You have it to share."

--Augusta Carter

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