Sunday, April 20, 2008

Follow the Directions More Often

Phew. A friend of mine from high school performed Reader Rescue. He said the plant was a jade. Then I was able to perform Google Rescue and learn that I was sunburning my plant. Jades like sun, but they need time to re-acclimate. Thanks, Paul!

In other news, I planted the Chia Herb Garden that Matt bought for me in the depths of the dark winter. It comes with these bizarre soil sponges. They are really sponges that seem to be made out of soil. You're supposed to get the entire thing wet and then squeeze it out. Next you put it into the terra cotta pot and simply lay the seeds on top.

I'm supposed to cover them with plastic wrap or plastic baggies to create a greenhouse effect (the good kind), but we don't have such things around our house. Although, now that I think about it, we probably do have a plastic bag from the phone book that gets delivered to our house every two months. Let me go look for that. I really am trying to follow the directions more often this time.

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