Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Make Your Decision Wisely

Nalgene bottles are under attack.


The bad news is that the bad plastic is also in eyeglasses (sucks for me), baby bottles, and even dental sealants (sucks for me again).

But, honestly, what did we expect? The more we process and produce things, adding ingredients that help us make a more durable and sellable product, the more we screw ourselves over.

The unintended consequences of our actions are so difficult to predict. And even when they are predictable, the immediate promise of profit overshadows prudence.

A huge part of the responsibility is on us as consumers. We have to look at convenient products through wary eyes. And then make a choice. Is the convenience worth the potential risk to my own health and the health of the environment?

Sometimes the answer is yes. (For me, cell phones fall into that category.) Often times, the answer should be no. (For me, microwaves fall into that category.)

The choice is yours; just make your decision wisely.

As for me, it doesn't make much sense to drink from plastic every day. I might make the switch to the metal bottles, but I'm afraid we're going to hear disturbing news about them two or three years down the line.

I think the best bet is to find a thick glass bottle that I like and reuse it. This article suggests that a juice bottle might work well. I'll be on the lookout the next time I go to the store.

Anything wrong with glass?

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1 comment:

Claire said...

My mom, the ever wise and health conscience dietitian, advised me to carry a glass water bottle. She thinks it's the safest mostly because it's been around so darn long. My only catch now is that I work at a school and I'm horribly clumsy. And when I'm not knocking things off tables, my students are. So, I'm going with metal for now...

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