Sunday, April 13, 2008


It's beautiful outside.

Of course, since I live in Colorado, it could easily be snowing tomorrow.

Alas, I took advantage of the transitory warmth to do a little gardening. Or, pre-gardening, I should say.

At the end of last season, I pretty much left the raised beds in utter disarray. I was discouraged by the garden's lack of proliferation last season, and I was cold.

So today I pulled out all the old plants, as well as the new weeds. I turned the soil and evened it out in the beds. They look fantastic. And it took me less than an hour. Hooray for square-foot gardening! There's so much less growing space required, and my soil is pretty much perfect without much effort.

Next steps: Go to Echter's, the premier garden store in Denver, to seek out expert advice about what I can grow that will be ready in time for my self-catered wedding...

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1 comment:

Spazholio said...

What are the benefits to square foot gardening over just planting a regular ol' garden?

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