Friday, April 18, 2008

Smooth Operators

Yesterday was a winter wonderland when I woke up. Today it was in the seventies.

I finally got out there and planted:

1) Red and white onions (like 64 of them!)
2) 16 carrots
3) 16 radishes
4) 13 pea plants
5) Two squares of wildflowers
6) 4 spinach plants

We also set up some Season Starters. They aren't exactly smooth operators (or maybe it's us). We had a hard feeling each tube evenly, which is a prerequisite for keeping it balanced. But it worked out in the end. The goal is to heat up the soil, then plant our tomato transplants, and hopefully reap the reward of tomatoes by our July 18th wedding date.

The neighbor's dogs were going crazy during our afternoon frolic in the garden. Yesterday, I bought them some gourmet dog treats (chicken flavored, no less!) and now they are our biggest fans.

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