Monday, November 23, 2009

Chicken Update

Ah, chickens.

We picked them up from the acquaintance-of-our-friend's-stepmom who was giving them away. We packed the 5 x 2-feet box into my tiny Honda Fit (which, by the way, has a miraculous amount of space). When we got them home, I wondered, "Um, what were we thinking?" With no chicken coop and little to no knowledge of how to raise chickens, I felt utterly unprepared.

I was scared to touch them, and I couldn't easily envision them playing the role of cute pets in our life. But after about 15 minutes, I was over it. I love them. I adore them. They make the sweetest sounds (think subtle bird chirping CD playing in the background). They are endlessly entertaining as they peck around the backyard and then flop over on their sides to sunbathe. I'm so thankful we just went for it instead of letting our lack of planning stop us.

And Hoss can't get enough of them (see photographic evidence of him standing on a chair to get a better look inside the box).

We went ahead and ordered an Eglu. It's way over-priced, but the alleged ease of cleaning was irresistible. I think it makes sense to simplify our first foray into barnyard animals. I think I'll take on an extra consulting job to cover the cost, or else I'll try to pull together some baby quilts for the Underground Arts Market. Cheers to expanding families!

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Ms Bear Cub said...

oh how CUTE!!!!!
I want to raise chix so badly! How is Hoss getting used to the chickies? Has he tried to eat them?!?
That's probably my major deterrent to raising chickens so far - fear that my golden retriever will get a tasty lunch ;)

Paul Martin said...

We had 6 chickens, but 2 of 'em met with...untimely ends. We still get 3-4 eggs per day, and they're freaking huge. We're starting to prep the for the long winter. Going from 5 acres to a 10'x10' coop....they're gonna hate us. =)

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