Monday, December 14, 2009

Delicious Recipe

Photo courtesy of fresh365

Matt and I have a good system going for meals. We try to cook together four times a week and eat out three. Ideally, we experiment with at least one new recipe a week and resort to our "Favorites Binder" for the rest of our meals. If we like our experimental meal, we print it out and add it to our binder. If we don't like it, we forget about it.

We've been so busy lately that we've resorted to our standbys instead of looking for new recipes. However, we finally tried a new recipe yesterday: Maple-Pumpkin Pasta with Blue Cheese and Sage.

We simplified the process by going with frozen rather than fresh pumpkin (but couldn't find pumpkin, so we went with sweet potato). Also, we used goat rather than blue cheese, due to personal preference. The meal was delicious! Mmm...mmm!

We're definitely adding it to the binder.

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1 comment:

fresh365 said...

So glad you enjoyed and thanks for sharing the link! I would love it with goat cheese too, but my husband can't stand it- darn!

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