Monday, December 7, 2009

The Great Deodorant Debate

I've always been a sweater. In high school, I had to intentionally wear shirts that would not show my sweat rings.

Antiperspirant is really the only thing that works for me, although for years I've been trying to make the switch to more natural deodorants. The main ingredient in antiperspirant has been linked to Alzheimer's, and I wouldn't be surprised if it leads to other stuff too. I hate to put something on my body--day in and day out--that probably isn't very good for it.

Of course our bodies are designed to handle toxins, but we expose them to so, so much. I like to minimize toxins in my life in whatever ways I can.

So today, I reached for my natural deodorant: Kiss My Face. I've tried it in the past but have always reverted back to my regular stuff. It always feels so sticky, and I'm not sure that I like the smell. Maybe I just need to try other brands until I find something that works for me.

Any suggestions?

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kate said...

A long while back, I used a deodorant that had cotton in it! It worked really well. The problem for me now is that the only cottony one I can find is made by Adidas and it has some other things in it that aren't so terrific. Although still: cotton! Not aluminum. So it's what I use. The two scents I switch between are great and last all day.

You are so not alone being a sweaty girl. I get drenched!

J.A.S.O.N. has one that's ok, but sticky, too.

Have you tried Tom's of Maine? I had to apply that like 5 times/day but it hasn't got anything in it that bugs me.

Sigh... the search goes on! :) Good luck on yours and please post what you find - I love trying new ones.

Kirst306 said...

I am also a sweater and have not found anything that really combats the sweat--even antiperspirants. I use crystal deodorant in the crystal-stick form--I usually find the roll-on or spray-on too wet feeling.
It doesn't stop the sweating, but it doesn't cause staining on my shirts like antiperspirants do.

Tom's of Maine doesn't seem to do any sort of odor elimination as far as I (and many of my crunchy summer camp friends) can tell.

Urban Environmentalist said...

j.a.s.o.n lavender scent has worked OK for me

kat said...

I like the Tom's lavender stick. After a while it seemed like my body naturally adjusted and I actually sweat less now. Might be placebo but no one has told me I'm stinky- and I even asked my BFF!

You might try alternating days of natural deodorant with regular antiperspirant.

Molly said...

I found that J.A.S.O.N. really dried out my skin, even though I loved the lavender smell. Now I use kiss my face in 'summer' but it needs to be applied multiple times per day. I'd be curious about how well the Burt's bees spray-on deodorant works.

Katie said...

I use JASON tea tree oil and like it pretty well.

love-v said...

My brother found a deodorant that he really liked and turned my husband on to it. It is called Lavilin and I recently found some in my supplement store. It takes a while to determine how often to use it but some people can go a week without reapplying. The bonus is that it is aluminum free, unlike other antiperspirants. Here is the website:

eliza said...

I use--and highly recommend--Tom's of Maine 12-hour formula. I've tried many of the natural varieties and this one works best for me. I recently saw that they also have a 24 hour formula.

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