Thursday, December 3, 2009

Halloween in August?

I tend to forget that once the holidays start in the fall/winter, they pretty much come non-stop.

I always think I'm ahead of the game by starting my Halloween costume early. I start brainstorming ideas several months in advance and usually start making my costume at the beginning of October (even though I'm often rushing to finish it the night before or day of).

And then I start thinking about Matt's birthday and Thanksgiving. But by the time those two holidays have come and gone, I don't seem to have enough time to get ready for Christmas. Or New Year's!

Okay, I need to calm myself down. It's clearly not a big deal by any stretch of the imagination. The universe has a lot bigger problems. It's just that there are things I want to do for each holiday. I want to create thoughtful and handmade gifts for my friends and family at Christmas (I've decided to stop sending cards, which definitely takes a load off). Going into the new year, I would love to completely organize and clean my house.

So, by the time the new year starts, I need to make time for the following:

  1. Make presents for my family, friends/colleagues, and students
  2. Wrap presents for everyone (which I might do here!)
  3. Buy two rugs to give our home a more complete look
  4. Get some basic issues resolved on our house (crack in bathroom ceiling, etc.)
  5. Do a Purge-n-Organize in each room of our house (luckily we live in a small house!)
  6. Finish my two consulting projects
  7. Finish the revisions on my book proposal
  8. Exercise regularly and eat healthy! (and stay hydrated!)
  9. Attend seven holiday parties
  10. Relax on a daily basis and enjoy life
I think I just need to elongate my holiday season a little bit. I might want to start Halloween a tad earlier and work on Matt's birthday farther in advance. I'll definitely have to start Christmas preparations before Thanksgiving. Hmm...maybe I'll just moosh together Thanksgiving and Christmas in my mind and start preparing for them right after Halloween.

Aack. I realize I am sounding like a big planning nerd. I am a planning nerd. I like to plan. I will actually bring more pleasure to myself by planning in advance.

I apologize for subjecting you to my nerdiness!

Now, I must print out this list to make sure everything gets done.

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