Sunday, December 13, 2009

Plans for Festivizing Our Home (Next Year)

Matt cutting down the last Christmas tree we had (in 2006)

I am determined to be more festive next year. Don't get me wrong; Matt and I aren't entirely scrooges this year. We're going to nine holiday parties this season (including a hayride and a Winter Solstice party). It's just that our home doesn't feel particularly celebratory.

It occurred to me that if we're going to create a more decorated domicile next season, then we should probably start planning now. Everything related to the holidays will be on major sale starting December 26.

Usually, I am not one to buy things in advance. For example, I can't bring myself to shop for sweaters in June, even if they are on sale.

For some reason, I'm a little more inspired this time. Here are my ideas for next year's December decorating:

  1. Holiday bunting like this one. I think it might say "cherish" with a star on each side. Or maybe "nurture." Hmm...let me know if you have other ideas. We really only have room for a word that is about six or seven letters. Ooh, we could make another one to string across our kitchen doorway. That one will need a smaller word. Maybe "love"?
  2. A festive tablecloth to really transform our table
  3. A festive centerpiece--any ideas? Maybe glass ornaments filled with something colorful and displayed in a glass vase. Or maybe a branch spray painted silver with things hanging off of it.
  4. A homemade tree skirt. Has anyone seen a cool one floating around the blogosphere? I've only seen really cheesy ones.
  5. A tree decorated with something eco-friendly (check out this inspiration)
  6. A homemade wreath on the front door
  7. An advent calendar
  8. Some ribbon wrapped around the columns on our front porch

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