Monday, January 25, 2010

DIY Idea: A Window Chalkboard

Ever since I saw the above image, I've been wanting to transform an old window into a chalkboard and magnetic surface. A chalkboard will fit very nicely into our old schoolhouse theme (we have a science lab table in our dining room, an old desk to hold our succulents, a slate from the 1800s, a wire gym basket for Hoss's toys, and one of those giant wall maps that pull down).

It's taken me several weeks, however, to find a window small enough for our purposes. Well, honestly, it took me three trips to my favorite vintage store on three different weekends. And then I found a great window. It's not "perfect" because it doesn't have different sections like the window featured above (imagine the possibilities!), but I had to compromise because it was a great size and price (I also got a large terra cotta planter, an enamel basin for our lettuce, and the window for $12).

My plan is to paint it with magnetic paint first and then with chalkboard paint. When I made a magnetic/chalkboard calendar in my classroom, the magnetic part didn't work very well. This time, I'll do as many coats as I can get from the paint can. I'm also a little unsure about painting on plastic (which I realized is what the pane is made of). Hopefully painting the surface with magnetic paint first will act as a primer.

I also want to make my own magnets to go on it!

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