Friday, January 29, 2010

Rain Collection System

Hooray! We finally had our rain collection system installed. We hired our neighbor to install a little piece of gutter that will feed into our barrel. One inch of rain will collect 175 gallons. Oy vey!

We had it installed on the side of the house that we will use for our raised garden beds this year. It's out of reach of the dog and chickens, which will keep it a little safer (although I imagine the neighborhood cats will make their way to it).

We ordered the rain barrel a long time ago from a project to raise money for a Montessori school. It's just been sitting around for the longest time while we figured out where to put it and how to install the gutters.

I wish we lived in a city that would let us use the gray water to flush our toilets. I mean seriously. Why wouldn't a city allow that?

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Ms Bear Cub said...

wait - houston doesn't LET you flush with the gray water? That's pretty silly. You'd be saving them resources.

Stephanova said...

In Colorado it is even against the law to have a rain collection system at all! The best we can do is divert our gutter run-off to the garden. It has to do with water rights-- they're worried about water not going into the water table, but still. It is so so silly.

Robin said...

Can't you flush your toilets with the grey water anyway? How would they know?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Robin.. how will they know, instead of installing pipes or whatever just flush it with a bucket. wow that is very weird that they wont allow it.

Anonymous said...

About a month ago my fiances brother took me, my fiance his dad to a talk about conserving water. It was so cool! It made me think about a lot of things. So after I'm married I hope to conserve water. Hopefully, continue trying to do good for the planet. :)

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