Thursday, February 4, 2010

Birthday Party Ideas

My birthday is coming up, and I need to decide (rather quickly) what I want to do to celebrate.

Usually, I make a big deal about my birthdays. For several years, I hosted a random acts of kindness scavenger hunt. Two years ago, a bunch of us trekked to a YMCA camp in the Colorado mountains for a snowy slumber party. Last year, I hosted a retro prom party, complete with a photo booth.

This year, I'm feeling rather uninspired. I don't want to do anything flashy or showy, but I also don't want my birthday to slide by stealthily without much notice.

I wonder why I'm feeling different this year. Is it because I'm getting my planning fix in other ways? Matt and I host monthly pot lucks for the Houston Heights Time Bank. We're also planning our spring break and summer vacation. Perhaps I'm planned out.

Maybe it's because Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas were particularly hectic this year, and it didn't leave much time for birthday plans.

Maybe it's because I'm growing up, and I don't need as much affirmation from other people that I am cared for and loved.

If I did want to do something for my birthday, what would it be? With whom would I want to celebrate and what would I want to be doing? Maybe a camping trip with friends? Maybe a slumber party at a cabin in rural Texas? Maybe a bicycle ride/parade through the city? Maybe a friends reunion on a house boat in Louisiana? Maybe an '80s inspired roller-skating party? Maybe a dinner party under the stars? Maybe a potluck picnic with bocce ball?


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katie joe said...

I love love love birthdays. This year is my golden birthday, I'll be 23 on the 23rd, and we've postponed our wedding from this december to some time next year, so I am itching to throw a big party. I think we might just have to kick off the celebration with a good will scavenger hunt! What a wonderful idea!

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