Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photo Quilt

My school has a huge fundraiser once a year to raise money for our Montessori program. Each class is asked to donate an item for the silent auction, and each teacher is asked to donate an experience.

My class and I made a quilt using photo transfer paper. Of course the project was more difficult than I imagined (my DIY projects usually are!), but it wasn't too difficult. The photo transfers came out better than I expected (although I have no idea how long they'll last). The kids used fabric paint to create little caterpillars, butterflies, frogs, birds, and flowers using their fingerprints. It was the first time I actually quilted with batting. When Matt and I made our wedding quilt, we turned it into a duvet cover rather than an actual quilt. I tried to look up some internet tutorials for guidance, but they were too stuffy and complicated. I simply winged it, and it came out okay.

As for the teaching experience, I auctioned off a Saturday at my house for a sewing lesson (learn to make your own pillow) and a cooking lesson (learn to make your own pizza, french fries, and ice-cream). I could not be more excited!

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