Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ah, Summer

Even though I'm in my eighth year of teaching, I've honestly never had a real summer break. The first summer, I won a grant through the National Endowment of Humanities to study Utopian fiction in the Bay Area. Pretty amazing, but definitely not a lie-around-and-wallow-in-your-pajamas kind of summer.

The next summer, I worked as a Corps Member Advisor at the Teach For America summer institute in Houston. The next summer, I moved from Louisiana to Houston and taught summer school at KIPP. The next summer I did two weeks of professional development in New York, taught summer school again, got my classroom ready, and then traveled to nine Guatemalan cities during my seven-day break. The next summer I worked as a School Director at the Teach For America institute in Philadelphia. The next summer I was working full-time for Teach For America. The next summer I moved from Houston to Denver and started my Montessori training. The next summer, I finished my training, got married, bought a house, and moved back to Houston. The next summer, I was working full-time as an educational consultant.

And now I'm here. About to head into my first real summer. I can't imagine doing nothing, but I also don't want to feel obligated to do anything either. Let me brainstorm some ideas:

  1. Buy a fancy camera and learn to take photos.
  2. Learn Spanish.
  3. Spend two weeks traveling with my Partner-in-Awesomeness.
  4. Go to a yoga retreat with my best friend.
  5. Spend a week at the beach with my family.
  6. Write 100 lesson plans to teach character in daily community meetings.
Is there anything else I want to do? At this point, I should just immerse myself in the collecting and developing stage.
  • Are there things I want to explore around Houston?
  • What about getting my body in shape for the challenge of pregnancy?
  • What about teaching myself to can things like tomatoes?
  • What about sewing, sewing, sewing?

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Stacy Marie said...

Sounds like this wide open summer will be really good for you. I'm partial to the sewing, I'm trying to learn on my MeeMaw's machine I got for Christmas!

Jess said...

If you're looking to explore Houston, check out this website
It's got tons of off the beaten path stuff around town. I've lived in Houston for 10 years and am always trying to find new stuff to do :)

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