Friday, March 19, 2010

Movies About Pregnancy

This post over at Progressive Pioneer inspired me to add some movies to our Netflix queue. We've already seen The Business of Being Born, but I just added:

I'm excited!

Also, she recommends a bunch of books that I'll have to check out...

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Elizabeth said...

I just watched The Business of Being Born last night and loved it! This process of preparing to get pregnant and exploring what options are out there is going to be very hard for me - my mom is an ob-gyn, and is extremely, extremely anti-home birth. Thanks for sharing your process on this blog!! (And for your wedding blog, where I came from - both are excellent resources!!)

Amy said...

Amazing films... Also find yourself a great prenatal yoga teacher and start taking prenatal classes (if you act pregnant you may activate those ovaries and blossom and become pregnant!)


Anonymous said...

are you adding Pushed to your list of reading? There's so much information to take in about American Obstetrics, breastfeeding, parenting, etc etc etc. I think the best thing is to be as informed as possible about all the options. good luck. enjoy the movies.

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