Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My First Acupuncture Visit

I went to the acupuncturist for the first time last week for a 30-minute introduction. I quickly realized: I am a mess. I am a stress fest.

The acupuncturist didn't even have to say anything to me; I was able to self-diagnose. Before I went in, I looked back over the length of my menstrual cycles for the past two years. I quickly realized: The more stress I have in my life, the longer my cycle is.

When I tried to explain my situation to the acupuncturist, I started crying. I was getting stressed about my stress.

Seeing the very tangible impact of stress on my body has inspired me to seriously reduce the stress in my life. I've instituted a nightly Relaxation Ritual, which seems to be helping.

I'm also not sure about whether or not I ovulate. He suggested that I pee on ovulation test strips every day to see if my LH levels rise. I'll also test my temperature every day (but I haven't been able to see a spike in the past).

Because my acupuncturist is so expensive ($150 for the first 1.5-hour visit and $85 for every subsequent visit), I'm going to take a stab at reducing my own stress levels through nutrition, exercise, yoga, nightly relaxation, a decrease in my commitments, and deep breathing. If that doesn't work, then I'll fork over some major bucks and try acupuncture.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,

My health insurance covers some acupuncturists in my area. A weekly visit is only $15 with my copay. Any chance your insurance covers any providers in your area?

Rebecca said...

Another idea-my healthy insurance does not cover acupuncture- but they do offer a discount program to natural therapy professionals. (of course they don't advertise this and you have to do some digging to find out) but it can save 25% a visit. You have to use one of their acupuncturists but there is an extensive list online. If you go to the American Specialty Health professionals website-
you can search for providers in your area. I haven't tried it yet, but apparently you just mention the "discount program" when you call a place, and they will give you 25% off each visit, or the recommended ASH price (whichever is less). It's worth trying!

Cupcake Ninja said...

In Portland there are quite a few community acupuncture centers that provide services on a sliding scale or even have free days. Maybe you can find something like this in your area.

Linsey said...

I highly suggest you also try to work in some hypnotherapy. It has done wonders to help me relax and lower my stress and anxiety!
I checked out Deep Sleep Medical Self Hypnosis from my local library and used it to help me relax and fall asleep more easily. It really worked and you can implement some of the techniques to your everyday life. I was amazed at how much it has improved my sleep.

julie/smartassbride said...

you can check out CAN for affordable acupuncture in your area! googling "community acupuncture" and your city might bring up clinics that aren't members of CAN. most of these clinics operate on a $14-35 sliding scale and are AWESOME.

Karuna said...

There are LOTS of good thoughts here. I know the feeling of being overcomitted. I seem to have a master's degree in spread too thin right now. I had a thought about the whole affording accupuncture thing. Do you have any accupuncturists in your time bank community? I used to trade childcare for treatments with my accupuncturist while I was in my undergrad. It was a really easy trade for us. I loved her son and she was happy to treat me. I am not suggesting you comit to anything huge but there may be a way to trade or there may be someone studying currently who would offer you a little better rate while they are still studying. Just a thought. Good Luck and thanks for the inspiration to connect back to my meditation practice as part of my own nightly unwind ritual.

Aaron and Marcy said...

Sometimes being stressed out is from not getting enough saturated fat - since that's what your brain is made out of. I don't want to offend, but I wanted to suggest you look into information from Weston A Price, Lierre Keith, Gary Taubes, or Joel Salatin.

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