Monday, April 12, 2010

Avoiding Home Improvement Overload

Pictures of our house from the real estate website

Taking on home improvement projects can be a bit daunting. And the truth is, Matt and I bought a 1930s bungalow that had recently been completely updated, so we didn't have as much to do as the average old-house homeowner might have.

Even still, our "to-do" list is long. Here's what we've already accomplished in the two years that we've been here:

  1. Refinished a mailbox and hung it
  2. Hung window coverings on every window
  3. Attached a hose to the side of our house
  4. Bought furniture for our front porch
  5. Made cushions for the front porch swing
  6. Closed off our house with a gate
  7. Had a chain-link fence removed and another fence completed
  8. Added a rain collection system (gutter + barrel)
  9. Bought a dining room table
  10. Installed a pole for growing tomatoes upside down
  11. Redesigned our front walkway
  12. Had a new backyard fence built (in process)
  13. Bought a chicken coop and chickens
  14. Added lattice to close off the bottom of our house
  15. Added insulation to attic
  16. Had a security system installed
  17. Added motion detector to side of house
I think one strategy for preventing complete home improvement overload is to keep an ongoing list and reprioritize it every time a new idea gets added. That way, we can tackle one project at a time, with full confidence that we're tackling the most important/relevant thing at a given time. With that strategy in mind, here is our current list:
  • Hang chalkboard mirror
  • Add chlorine filter to shower
  • Get a new ironing board cover
  • Purchase backyard furniture
  • Put together a potting area in our backyard
  • Landscape area around backyard tree
  • Organize closet
  • Get a new couch
  • Get a new coffee table
  • Get a new chair for the living room
  • Make new cushions for the front porch swing
  • Get ceiling fans
  • Redo driveway
One project at a time...

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Kelsey said...

Such a good message! I tend to get so overwhelmed with all the changes I want to make to our house. Luckily my partner is much more grounded and reminds me to see what progress we have made on the house. I like your idea of having a list that gets re-prioritized.

V. Wetlaufer said...

Hi Sara!

This isn't related to this post specifically, but I'm a doula (in-training) and I started a blog for my doula stuff at and I have a big long list of books that might interest you about pregnancy and birth. For a single, childless lady, I know a lot about the whole process!

Anyway, just wanted to pass the info along, and send you happy ovulation energy.

ErikaM said...

Hi Sara,
I was wasting time at work and found this:

I thought you might find it interesting.

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