Monday, April 19, 2010

Backyard Beautifiation Part I

Our backyard fence is finally done! Woo-hoo! It has been a serious pain in the neck for the past two months. It actually only took a week to complete, but we've been trying to coordinate its creation for what feels like a long, long, time.

I am so relieved that the chickens can roam freely without hopping into the Rottweiler's yard next door (which happened to Little Joe--may she rest in peace).

Now it's time to create our backyard sanctuary. I just went back to my list to make sure I'm not getting ahead of myself...(oops, I need to hang our chalkboard mirror, get an ironing board cover, and add the chlorine filter to our shower).

I need to order our backyard furniture. Well, before we do that, Matt and I need to clean up our backyard! It's pretty trashy right now (for example, our chickens love grapefruit, so the old rinds are lying around everywhere). It would help to build our potting area at the same time, so we could get all our pots and dirt put away.

I'm so inspired by this project that Kristina found in Sunset magazine (see picture above). I think I could inexpensively cobble together something similar from my favorite antiques store. I'm going to try and go this weekend!

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