Monday, April 26, 2010

More Chatter About Ovulation (or Lack Thereof)

I'm happy to report that the length of my cycle went down last month (perhaps thanks to my stress-reduction efforts?). This year, it's gone from 43 days, to 35 days, to 33 days.

I'm still worried about my potential lack of ovulation. I peed on sticks every day last cycle and this cycle, but I never get a very dark line. The line does change in darkness, but it never gets darker than the control line. I also haven't noticed a temperature shift yet (although I track this more unreliably). I do notice changes in cervical fluid. This month, for example, I had one day of "egg-white" fluid.

I'm going to give myself more time to de-stress before I worry about it too much. My summer vacation is coming (hooray for being a teacher!), which means I will experience a lot of stress in May and then little-to-no stress for 2.5 months. At some point, I'll probably start going to an acupuncturist for more stress relief and hopefully to help regulate my cycle. I need to dig a little deeper into my insurance plan to see if I can find an acupuncturist who is covered by my insurance...

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susi said...

Dear Sara,
I am wishing you all the luck for your baby-planning. And I am wishing you all the best for a RELAXED planning! I enjoy your blogs and got the impression you are a similar to me - a list-keeping, checkmarking controlfreak (and I mean that in the nicest possible way! ;->).
I just wanted to tell you what happened to me: for two years, my fiance and I have been talking about having kids after we got married (our wedding will be on May 8th - less than two weeks to go!). I always told him that it can take monhts and even YEARS before I become pregnant because my cycle is long and not too regular, because I am 32, because ...
Well, what happened is: we had unprotected sex ONCE in February and now I am in week 10. Feeling sick all day long, worried about throwing up all through my wedding-day - but we will have a baby. Just like that. Boom.
I am sure with all my planning and list-writing, the planned getting-pregnant-thing wouldn't have worked out as fast. ;-)
So to show you things can work out (sometimes faster than wished for, haha) and with all my best wishes - have a wonderful spring and de-stress yourself a little bit! You will be great parents, I really like your attitude!

Sharpiegirl said...

Egg white is a good sign. I would still try to get a day 21 progesterone test. It's the only way to confirm ovulation. I've had 2 months of not being able to detect anything but the blood tests don't lie.

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