Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yearly Check-Up

Gosh, doctors' offices make me so nervous. It's been more than two years since I went for my yearly pap smear and well woman's exam (I'm ashamed to admit that to you!), so I trekked to the doctor for that exam, plus a whole host of other issues:

  1. Fear of not ovulating
  2. Pain in my shoulder (that I've had for more than a year)
  3. Concern about my heart
Luckily, she's the kind of doctor who believes in yearly physicals, and she sent me down to the lab for a whole host of tests (ranging from cholesterol to thyroid). She also let me convince her to test my iron levels (which is recommended in one of my favorite conception/pregnancy books--Body, Soul, and Baby)--and my hormone levels. She says she would have to send me down to the ob/gyn department to do a full fertility work-up (which she says they won't do until we've been trying to get pregnant for a while). I'm not sure how hard it is to figure out whether or not a woman ovulates, but it seems pretty futile to spend a year trying to get pregnant if I'm not even ovulating.

Oh well. I'm not going to fret about it (since stress is the thing that will most likely make it difficult for me to get pregnant). I'm just going to keep tracking my cycle (temperature, cervical mucus), peeing on ovulation test strips, exercising, eating healthy, and relaxing. If I continue to track my cycle and it really doesn't look like I ovulate, then I will go back to the acupuncturist for some help first.

As far as my heart is concerned, I worry about it because it beats really rapidly when I exercise, even though I run extremely slowly (like 12-minute miles), and I get out of breath just from saying the two pledges every morning (we say the Pledge of Allegiance and the Texas Pledge every day at school). The good doctor signed me up to wear a heart monitor from the cardiology division for a day, which I'm very excited about.

I feel silly even sharing all of this because it's probably just my hypochondria flaring up, but it's what's on my mind right now, and maybe some of you are going through something similar.

My experience reminded me that I would much rather give birth in a birthing center or at home. I hate clinical environments. Sitting in a cramped room with no windows, fluorescent lighting, and free pharmaceutical posters for "decoration" makes me so anxious. My "resting" heart-rate was 88, even though it's usually in the 70s. Ugh.

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Michele said...

I'm with you. My blood pressure goes through the roof the minute I cross the threshold of the doctor's office. So much so that I take my bp for several days before I go so I can show the dr that it is in fact "normal." I get frustrated with myself for having such an irrational reaction and that makes it even worse.

Sharpiegirl said...

The best advice I ever recieved from a doctor when I mentioned wanting to get pregnant in the near future was to LIE about how long we had been trying. That way we aren't wasting precious time. Of course I'm about 10 years older than you and have less time to waste.

Roxanne said...

It sounds like your doctor was at least really understanding and willing to work with you, which is great.
I know in one of your older posts you said you and your partner would be willing to pursue an adoption. I know it would be a difficult route, but maybe keeping in mind that you have this alternate path open will ease your nerves a little.

Roxanne said...
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Krista said...

I really do appreciate you sharing all of this. I am going through some similar issues and have some similar fears ... and past acts of hypochondria :) It's just good to hear other people stress about these things as well, and that we all somehow get through it.

Jennie said...

I think it's ok to have a little flare up of hypochondria when you're preparing your body for trying to conceive. It's good to find out now if you have any health concerns that could pose difficulties in conceiving or later in pregnancy.

I finally went to the doctor about allergies that had been seriously bothering me for about a year. That's the typical amount of time I wait out an issue before seeing a doctor. Oops! But it's good, because now we have a plan to get my allergies under control before we start trying to conceive. And that is stress relieving to know!

Sharpiegirl said...

If you are thinking of adopting I know of an agency that my friends in the Woodlands had really good results with. Let me know and I'll send you some info.

LauraC said...

Hi I am visiting from Mondo. I have been reading your old posts and it is like being in a 5 year time warp on my own life! I got married in 2004 at age 30 and we knew we wanted a baby right away. I read every book ever on the subject, started charting, obsessed over working over and eating well.

Since I was 30 and had previous feminine problems, I assumed it would take me awhile to get pregnant. My doctor recommended we try for 6 months then go see a specialist. I was charting and ovulated but my husband was in another town so we couldn't "try" for a baby until 8 days past ovulation. Everything I've read says that's past the window.

Imagine my surprise to be late that month, pee on a stick, find out I was pregnant. Then at 18 weeks to get an ultrasound that showed there were TWO boys in there. My boys turn 4 next month and I'm still in shock I tried for a baby one time and got two.

Anyway I wanted to share my story because I think all the things you are doing to prepare (both mentally and physically) are awesome but life might surprise you!

Good luck, I've loved reading your other posts.

Annalisa said...

I've enjoyed your other blog while we were wedding planning and now that we are thinking of babies I like this. I am also a hypochondriac! My most memorable freak out session was a few years ago when I read birth control can cause blood clots and it's more common than one would think. Sooo...a trip to the ER, $1000 CT scan, an ultrasound, and some missed travel plans all because I was convinced my chest pain (actually occasional acid reflux) was the beginning of a heart attack/blood clot. ha!

I never take meds for anything now because side effects make me paranoid. Sometimes I feel crazy but, I know my triggers and I can rationalize my behaviors.

Now I'm freaked out about baby-makin'. After stopping birth control a few months ago, I'm slowly working my way back to normal and eat day I chart that doesn't seem "normal" I get stuck in this I-feel-broken mentality. It's so hard to see the big picture when I obsess about each day.

It's nice to know someone else has the same fears as I do. I'm enjoying your posts -- thanks for the great reading!

Cheryl said...

I could write a book I have been down this road and could give you lots of advice....mother an almost 4 year old, 4 failed ivf attempts and a book in the making about a miracle baby!

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