Monday, May 10, 2010

Calling a Midwife

Ohmygoodness. I'm about to call a woman who might potentially turn out to be our midwife. I e-mailed her last night to ask the following questions:

  1. Can my husband and I set up a time to meet with you to talk about birthing at home versus birthing at a birthing center? I am leaning toward the home option, but we would feel more informed if we at least toured the birthing center and explored that option.
  2. As part of my pre-conception phase, I am going to visit my general physician for a yearly check-up. Are there tests I should request in preparation for conception? Are there questions I should be asking that will help determine whether I am likely to have a normal, healthy pregnancy and can safely try to deliver at home?
  3. Do you have specific nutritional guidelines you recommend for optimal pre-conception health?
She replied that it would be easier to talk on the phone, so I'm about to call her now. I am much more comfortable and confident via the written word (hello, blogging!), but I'll try to keep my nervousness on the inside.

It also feels very, very weird to take such a concrete step in the direction of pregnancy (kind of like buying prenatal vitamins for the first time or attending a birth fair).

Here I go!

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Mish In Melbourne said...

eeek!!! good luck, sara :)

Onnie said...

Yay for first steps! Go Sara!

Brite Lines said...

Awesome! I'd love it if you would share her answers, especially regarding #1 and #2. We're about 3 months behind where you and Matt are scheduling wise, so doing some of the same research. Thanks so much!

Princess Christy said...

Good luck! I am also someone who prefers the written word to phone calls - I like to be able to go back and SEE people's answers. Hope you got some informative answers!

Elsa said...

Good luck! We're on the same path and are starting to research midwives and what we need to do over the next few months. We met with a Houston area midwife last week who was really great! Her first suggestion for us besides picking up prenatal vitamins was to pick up a copy of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." She explained that this book should be a must read for every single woman, whether interested in having children or not. It was already on my "to read" list after you mentioned in several of your posts.

Can't wait to read about what she shares with you!

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