Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Crafting Dates

Photo (and tutorial!) courtesy design*sponge

My friend Katie and I are planning another crafting date. I find that crafting is so much more fun with friends. We've only had two crafting dates so far, one to make holiday presents and another one in January (I made a purse and she started working on a quilt).

I should keep an ongoing list in my writer's notebook of everything I want to make, so I could just consult the list instead of trying to think of a project every time. I started one awhile ago, but then I finished that journal and forgot to transfer the list to my new writer's notebook.

So let's see. Well, since we'll be going on our Annual Adventure in a couple months, I'd really like to make a travel pillow. I've had a hard time finding a pattern, but this one looks really promising (and I like the premise of making "comfort pillow" for hospital patients). I would probably fill it with scented rice, but I worry that it might be really heavy...

I could also start thinking about my Halloween costumes. I know it's early. But I always run into a major time crunch with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Matt's birthday, and Christmas.

Speaking of which, I would love to start knocking out some Christmas presents. I would really like to hand-make presents this year. Maybe pajama pants for everyone? Or stamped note-cards?

Are you working on any sewing projects right now? Or scheming up hand-made presents for the holidays? I'd love some inspiration!

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Mallory said...

I don't know how much your friends and family drink wine, but I made wine charms for a bunch of Christmas. I bought a bunch of cute pewter charms from hobby lobby (make sure you get them half off, they go on sale at least once a month) and made different themed sets for gifts. This website kinda shows the general idea. It's really simple once you find the supplies.

I had to go to a few different craft stores to find everything as hobby lobby had charms, but not the earring hoops. The sets were really affordable too, they ended up costing about $10 for a set of 8. I did really fun things when I wrapped them too, like writing a story and referencing all the different charms and attaching the charms to that part of the posterboard.

Randa said...

This is completely off topic but . . . what do you write in your journal? I've always wanted one, always have the good intention of writing in one when I buy it but then when I get one, I feel as if I need a prompt to write about stuff or else it comes off as kinda . . . eh.

So what do you write in your journal to get your creative juices flowing? Inquiring minds [aka me!] wish to know!

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ Randa: I've been meaning to write a post about my "writer's notebook." I should have done it before now, but I've been lazy. It will involve scanning in sample pages which is a huge pain in the butt. But I will do it! Post coming...pinky promise.

Anonymous said...

I've got all the pajama pant patterns you could need. I'll have to show you the cute stamped tanks my sister made for everyone. But my favorite Christmas present is still the reusable produce bags made by my brother-in-law. See you Friday!


Anonymous said...


My bestfriend and I love crafting together. We always are making crafts and chatting at her place. I love it so much! My closet is full of craft items, fabric, etc. The latest project I made was pot holders using my weeving loom that I've had since 1980's. Right now, my goal is to have a craft party and to sell my crafts so I can raise money for my wedding! Yeah!!

I love reading your blogs because you have so many wonderful crafty ideas. Being crafty is something I love and will carry on in my life when I become a teacher!

-Jodi :)

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