Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Egg Recipes

When you have two chickens and they both start laying an egg a day, you better figure out quickly what to do with all the eggs.

Matt and I are at that point!

At the reunion this past weekend, the service project we were going to do at one of our Teach For America placement schools was canceled due to bad weather. We decided to meet up at Allison's house instead.

She took the leftover beans, tortillas, pico, and guacamole from the previous night, added eggs, and concocted the most amazing meal. If Matt and replicate that recipe once a week, we will at least consume six of our 14 eggs.

Here's what Allison did:

  1. Melt butter in a skillet
  2. Add finely chopped white onion and saute
  3. Pour eggs into the pan (she did not beat them in a separate bowl first--she and her mom swear their way gives the eggs a better consistency, and I agree!)
  4. Mix the eggs around as they cook with the onions
  5. Add diced tomatoes
  6. Take everything out of the pan and add cheese
We then made egg burritos with the leftover ingredients. So delicious!

When Matt and I got home from Louisiana, we had no food in the house and no time to go to the grocery store. But we did have eggs! I whipped up a sub-par version with a scavenged onion, tortillas, and guacamole. However, I look forward to making this meal again next week when we have the proper ingredients on hand...

And later this week, I'm going to an outdoor movie and picnic potluck (I love those!). I'm going to use six of our eggs to make a pound cake (with strawberry sauce) using my favorite recipes.

Any other egg-cellent recipe recommendations (oh, so cheesy, but I couldn't resist!)?

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Sharpiegirl said...

you can always let your neighbors and friends know that you have extra eggs for sale or trade.

Vee said...

I guess this is kind of obvious, but frittatas? I'm a sucker for a good tomato and goat cheese frittata.

ninjab said...

Quiche! Not only will you use the eggs, but it's the ultimate way to use up leftovers AND you can bring cold slices for lunch. Just throw in any veggies you have and some cheese. You can either buy or make your own crust. Here's an easy quiche recipe:
1 cup milk (or plain yogurt or cottage cheese)
1/4 c. water
2-3 eggs, slightly beaten
1 cup flour
1 cup grated cheese
1/2 cup (or more) of veggies.

Preheat overn to 425. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and pour into a 9 inch pie plate. Bake 30-35 minutes.

That's it!

Anonymous said...

I can't get the link to work, but search for 'real simple skillet poached huevos rancheros' - it's my new favorite egg recipe!

ErikaM said...

I have to reiterate what Vee suggested. I love frittatas. They are so versatile - potatoes, kale/chard/spinach, asparagus,cheese, tomatoes, or pretty much any veg, herb, or cheese that you'd put in an omlette or quiche would go in a frittata. Here's a good basic recipe: http://thenewcook.com/2008/06/basic-frittata-recipe/

Mallory said...

That is the most adorable picture of your pets!

It's not the healthiest option but the restaurant I used to work in used to make these delicious breakfast crepes filled with scrambled eggs, cream cheese, spinach, and bacon. I know you're vegetarian so you could either scrap the bacon or use a soy bacon substitute.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Thanks for the tasty suggestions, All!

@ Sharpiegirl: We will definitely start giving them away. First, we have to get over the novelty of raising our own eggs. Then, we have to collect some old egg cartons!

C├ęcy said...

I love making a scramblette for lunch. Yep it's a made up word. It consists of sauteed potatoes (cut in small cubes), separately saute bell pepper slices, mushrooms, onions.
My husband and I don't like runny white so we cook the eggs somewhat between an omelet and scrambled eggs (hence the name), stirring it into small pieces.
When the egg is ready we add potatoes, fresh cut tomatoes, the veggies and some shredded cheddar. It will keep you full till the afternoon.

Besides that quiche and souffles are some of my favorites to use eggs.

BeeHive said...

You could make egg while omelets and use the yolks for key lime pie. Although I'm sure you'd be sick of key lime pie quickly. We go through at least 3 dozen eggs a week thanks to my egg white habit so I think I'd need a whole flock of chickens (are they flocks?) to keep me going!

Anonymous said...


My parents have chickens. So my dad sells his chicken eggs for a little extra cash. They are the best eggs ever! You too could sell your chicken eggs and make extra cash to put towards your craft projects. My parents also have ducks. So the duck eggs are delicious too! Those eggs are even bigger than the chicken eggs. They come in different colors too. I love making egg sandwiches. They are so yummy! When I cook eggs I always cook eggs in a cast iron pan. The best cooking pans you can own! My parents own many cast iron pans that from my dads family. The eggs always come out the best when cooked in a cast iron pan. You can find cast iron pans sometimes at antique shops, or antique fairs. I can't live without those pans. I can't live without eggs either. I love making eggs sunny side up and dipping my toast in the egg yolk. So yummy!!

-Jodi :)

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