Monday, May 3, 2010

May: Reflection & Rejuvenation

Photo courtesy of Nikki McClure's 2010 Calendar

I honestly can't believe I have only four measly weeks of school left before summer arrives.

As I say goodbye to April, here are some things to take note of:

  1. I took my class on a field trip to the Houston Arboretum.
  2. I helped Matt identify and clarify two of his passions.
  3. I spent a Saturday making homemade pizza, sweet potato fries, sorbet, and pillows with one of my students and her friend.
  4. I traveled to Austin for the Yeasayer concert.
  5. I made picnic place mats for a dear friend and celebrated her birthday with her at the beach.
  6. Matt and I coordinated a potluck picnic and silent-film viewing.
  7. I helped coordinate (and attended) my ten-year Teach For America reunion.
  8. I exercised regularly.
  9. I regularly updated my blogs.
  10. I said no to two potential commitments that came my way.
  11. Our fence got finished!
  12. I tutored my butt off to help my students get ready for the state assessment.
And here's what I'm striving for in May:
  • Order a new-used SLR camera.
  • Take a photography class from two National Geographic photographers.
  • Help my 3rd graders plan their own field trip (using the public bus system!).
  • Keep trying to create a potting area (I haven't had success locating a good table). (Although, I just took a major break from this post and think I found a vintage desk on craigslist for twenty-five bucks.)
  • Keep trying to turn our backyard into an oasis. I almost bought a couch off Amazon, but I had second thoughts about buying something new instead of used. But it can be so hard to find something used! I'm really not much of a shopper...
Hmm...I'm thinking that might be it for the month of May. The last month of school is crazy, and I'm trying to de-stress as we head into June.

Holy moly! I just realized this is my last month before we start trying to have a baby.

Hmm...I may have to write an entirely separate post about the month leading up to the beginning of our conception process. (To those of you who think I'm over-thinking this thing entirely too much: I hear your concern! I do keep your perspective in mind. I promise.)

What are you up to this month?

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Ms. Loaf said...

I am a big fan of over-thinking. As long as you're not stressing yourself out (stress is bad anytime, but especially for conception and pregnancy!), then I wouldn't sweat it.

You keep me inspired!

C├ęcy said...

Starting a garden is our plan for this month. Herbs and veggies in raised beds, I think it's a big enough project on its own.

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to take one of those National Geographic photo classes!! Have you picked one out already and just need to sign up? You'll have to let us know how it goes. My SLR died a few months ago, so I'd have to get a new one too.

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ Cecy (sorry I don't know how to get the accent!): Hooray for herbs and veggies in a raised bed! That sounds like an amazing goal for May. Thank you for sharing!

@ Anonymous: I'm taking the only course they offer in Houston. I'll definitely write about it soon!

nc said...

I'm enjoying keeping up with your posts here- we're also planning to start trying to have a baby in June- and I'm also an overthinker (although not planning to the extent you are!)

When we overthought/planned like crazy for buying a house, our in laws said to us that sometimes you can't plan, you just prepare as much as you can and then do. It's a good thing to remember (but still...)

Thanks for the honest discussions and the reading recommendations!

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