Friday, May 28, 2010


As I continue to prepare my body for conception by eating as many healthy foods as possible, I'm trying to find healthier snacks. I talked to one of my student's parents on the zoo field trip last week, and she is in the process of preparing for a home birth. Her midwife has her on a very strict diet, which includes limiting grains to five a day, really watching out for sugar (hint: even the sugar in flavored yogurt is too much, as well as dried fruit), and limiting dairy.

I've found one snack so far that I love: I blend plain yogurt with frozen mango just enough to form an ice-cream like consistency (in the picture above, I threw in a few extra pieces of whole fruit). The concoction is delicious! I now eat it every day after school.

My other thought is to make a batch of hummus at the beginning of the week and eat it with cauliflower, carrots, and red peppers.

These recipes look good too:

  1. Savory yogurt dip
  2. Split Pea Crisps

It's not so easy brainstorming snack ideas that fall within the recommended parameters...

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Nora said...

Give this one a try. It's a little sweet...I wonder how carrots fall in that diet since they are practically fruit when it comes to their sugar levels. Good luck!

Amy said...

Roasted chick peas are a yummy snack when you need something with a crunch to it.

Catherine Just said...

thank you for the comments on kelly rae's blog. It means a lot.
I'm an alumni of Mondo Beyondo as well. Took it twice. Love Andrea Scher! Looking forward to learning to fly with you!


dandelion dreamer said...

Hello there! Oh I'm so glad I had my children 35 years ago before all the pre-conceptual, healthy eating rules were invented!!! Have fun on Kelly Rae's have a super studio space

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