Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DIY Birthday Cards

I have to confess that I have done a terrible job sending birthday cards this year. By "terrible job," I mean that I literally didn't write anyone's birthday on my calendar at all. So I don't even know when I'm missing a birthday.

Wow. Not knowing what you don't know is a really awful place to be.

So, I'm going to rectify the situation for the second half of the year. Better late than never, they say.

I'm feeling inspired to make homemade birthday cards. If I make enough of them for an entire year, then everyone can get a handcrafted piece of goodness (but they'll be made in bulk, so it's easier for me to keep up with).

I've been collecting security envelopes forever, and I still haven't done anything with them. I was originally inspired by Kristina's design, but now I'm also remembering this card design from Rubyellen. Perhaps I could do a blended version: use security envelops for the bunting and then sew them onto the card. Maybe I could get really fancy and make a stamp that say's Happy Birthday.

I should make a sketch before I move ahead with this idea...

I could make a separate stamp for the parenthesis + the lovely and a separate one for the Happy Birthday, so I could use two different colors.

Now the question is: Do I try to purchase a triangle hole punch? Is it worth the money? I mean, I could easily make a cardboard template and then trace and cut them out. Then again, I will need to make a lot of these triangle things....hmm...

And before I buy anything, I should dig through my craft closet to see what I already have...

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Holley said...

you are so creative! I love the idea... but I'm terrible with stamps, if that is even possible.
I'm a new follower... a
and I have a blog award for you!


Stephanie said...

Hey Sarah, from a quilter's perspective (and experience with cutting triangles out of fabric), here's another way to do it without a die-cut stamp or template. I would recommend cutting a strip of envelope that is the same width as the height you'd like for your finished triangles. Then you can cut diagonally across the strip to create the triangles, one upside-down, one right-side up (not that it matters...). If you really wanted to be precise, you could measure the width you want the bunting triangles to have, mark that along the strip, and then you'd have better guidelines (you would need to offset the markings on each side of the strip, so that the points are centered). OR if you have a quilter's ruler with diagonal lines you could just rotary cut them! Good luck :)

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