Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June: Reflection & Rejuvenation

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Did I seriously make it to the end of the school year relatively unscathed? (Aside from the bruise from my student's metal lunchbox crashing into me as he ran out of the closet and into my leg.)

I can't believe it, people. Those of you who are teachers know that May can be a tough, tough month.

First there was the third grade field trip that my students planned entirely on their own. They navigated us from the school to a bus stop. We took the city bus downtown and toured the "tallest" and the "lowest" of Houston. Then we picnicked at Discovery Green and finished the day off with a smoothie.

Then there were our two end-of-year parties. The first was a pool party at a student's house, and the second was a Make-Your-Own-Pancakes party. We split into six groups (led by parent volunteers). Each group made something different (whole wheat pancakes with freshly ground flour, whipped cream, syrup on a hot plate, orange juice, etc.).

Then there was report cards and individualized advice for each child about what they should work on this summer and cleaning our classroom and packing everything up in preparation for the custodial staff to do a deep cleaning.


I am here, and I still seem to be breathing. Just barely.

Luckily I was intentionally light on my goals for May. Here's what I set out to do:

  • Order a new-used SLR camera: CHECK! We ordered this camera body and this lens.
  • Take a photography class from two National Geographic photographers: CHECK!
  • Help my 3rd graders plan their own field trip (using the public bus system!): CHECK!
  • Keep trying to create a potting area (I haven't had success locating a good table). (Although, I just took a major break from this post and think I found a vintage desk on craigslist for twenty-five bucks.): Okay, we just bought a table! Finding the bricks, setting up shelves, and finding cute containers will have to continue to be a work in progress. I really hate shopping!
  • Keep trying to turn our backyard into an oasis. I almost bought a couch off Amazon, but I had second thoughts about buying something new instead of used. But it can be so hard to find something used! I'm really not much of a shopper...: We have put this one on hold. There are so many other things we want to buy!

So what's in store for June?
  1. Work on creating an e-course about purposeful conception
  2. Update the look and functionality of my blogs (have you noticed the banner doesn't match the URL? Oops!)
  3. Completely immerse myself in a yoga retreat with my best friend
  4. Prepare my workshop for the KIPP School Summit in August
  5. Start my charter school application
  6. Host a picnic/silent film event for friends
  7. Invite someone over for a dinner party
  8. Run and do yoga regularly
  9. Work diligently on the Taking Flight e-course
  10. Study Spanish for 20 minutes every weekday
  11. Make a travel pillow for our impending vacation to California and Canada
  12. Take a photography class to learn how to use my new DSLR camera

I think that's it! I'm so looking forward to having an entire day to devote to my various projects. Hooray for summer!

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C├ęcy said...

It's so rewarding when you see you've achieved part of your goals. I think it makes it motivating to do the same the next month. I don't plan that much but we have worked on our yard as we planned, we now have a driveway (thank you mr contractor), I made an herb garden, my husband built us raised beds and we're making this really nice spot in the back.
My goal for this month is to get the mulch we need to cover the firepit area and the herb garden and throw a backyard party to celebrate the achievement and summer being just around the corner.

Kelsey said...

You are inspiring me to list monthly goals as well, I think it would help me to not feel so overwhlemed by all of the things that I want to accomplish in the various realms of my life. Can you share how you keep track of these, do you have a "method" of journaling or a place you keep ideas? I used to be a daily journal-er but that does really fit my life lately and I think I need to transition to something that incorporates goal-making...any ideas?

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ Cecy: Ooh la la! A fire pit and an herb garden? Sounds heavenly!

@ Kelsey: I keep everything in my life binder. I'll post about it tomorrow on http://2000dollarwedding.com. Thanks for the inspiration!

Danica said...

Sara, if you do an e-course on purposeful conception, I am very very interested. Please keep us posted! And thanks for all your blogging. It was a treasure for me to find 2000 wedding when I was engaged and now that my husband and I are married and trying to conceive it's really great to see you will be heading in the same direction.

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ Danica: Thanks for the encouragement, Danica! I've started working on the course, and I'm just beginning to realize how much work it will be! Pretty soon, I'll have a place on my website where you can sign up to receive updates. Stay tuned!

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