Monday, June 28, 2010

Scrapbook Update

As Matt and I gear up for our next vacation, I'm realizing that we haven't added our last vacation to our Living, Growing Scrapbook. For Spring Break, we took a road trip out to West Texas to visit Big Bend and Marfa. Good times!

Hmm...I should also upload pictures from our Mother's Day trip to Indiana and whatever cute, random pictures we've taken of Hoss in the past few months.

This scrapbooking system works really well for us. I upload the pictures to Snapfish, find a coupon on retailmenot, and then have them mailed to our house. We simply use double-sided tape to stick our photos to white cardstock (we put photos on both sides of the sheet). I write a few words on each sheet to describe what's going on or to record the date. Then we slip the whole thing into a plastic sheet cover, which protects the photos and makes turning the pages really easy. Voila!

It's not as fancy as a real scrapbook (with fancy paper and stickers and all), but it's definitely something that I can manage and keep up with (which is the most important thing in my book!).

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Amanda said...

Have you looked into MyPublisher album or something similar from snapfish? They are really easy to use to create a digital scrapbook & they run specials often. It's nice b/c they tape won't ruin after years & the pictures won't fall out. I've done about a dozen of them & all my friends/family love them.

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