Friday, July 9, 2010

DIY: Birthday Cards

I finally made time to knock out some handmade birthday cards. Woo-hoo!

First, I dug around in my craft closet and found some envelopes I could use. Then I cut some white cardstock to the right size (in this case, the cards are 5" x 7"). Next, I used my paper cutter (I love my paper cutter!) to cut strips of security envelopes that were about 1.5" wide. Then, I simply cut along the strip to make triangles (exactly the way Stephanie suggested).

Then I made piles of flags. For each card, I would set up 8 flags and then go back to put a small dab of white glue on each flag. I would then stick the flags on the card. After I had a bunch of flags done, I used the sewing machine to sew across the top.

To make the stamp, I followed the technique I talked about here. However, instead of using fabric paint, I just used a regular stamp pad. Luckily, I remembered to carve out my letters backwards, so they would face the right way when it came time to stamp.


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Holley said...

Ok. That is about the cutest, niftiest idea ever. i love it!
I was wondering what you were going to do with the security envelopes!
Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Those look great Sara!

lela said...

I've been collecting security envelopes, too, but haven't used them for anything yet. I have some similar ones to these on sale at my etsy shop:

Stacy Marie said...

If you still have security envelope prettiness to dispose of, here's a tutorial that reminded me of you!

Lisa said...

These look great! I love the orange on blue combination.

You probably know this already, but you should keep a separate needle for sewing through paper because once you use it on paper it can be too dull for fabric.

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