Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is Your Sunscreen Safe?

Argh! It's very frustrating to me that corporations are allowed to put harmful chemicals into the products we put on and in our bodies. I'd like to think that the products I buy at Whole Foods are safe, but apparently that just isn't true either.

While writing a lesson about eliminating toxins from our lives for Purposeful Conception, I found this link to a website that helps you evaluate the chemicals in sunscreen. It turns out that my Alba Botanica sunscreen has a rating of 5, which means that it should be used with "caution." Oy vey.

Apparently, here are some better options:

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Anonymous said...

but I LOVE my Alba sunscreen! It's the only one that not only *doesn't* smell like sunscreen, it smells *good*!

Honestly, I will probably ignore this information, since Alba is the only one I have gotten myself to use reliably. And some sunscreen is better than none, right??

Stacy Marie said...

This stuff is so frustrating, I feel like you never know what to believe. I've been wanting to switch to more natural beauty products, but the amount of contradictory info out there is absolutely overwhelming!

Elizabeth said...

I know! I am so sad Alba is not recommended (although the Kids got a 2 or 3 so isn't too bad). Badger is made by friends of a friend who are just wonderful, and I want to use their stuff exclusively! Hopefully I can track down some Badger sunscreen out here in Oregon (its from New Hampshire).

C├ęcy said...

Eek, I have the same one too. I love the Alba one :(

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