Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Maximizing Small Spaces

Photo courtesy of Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day

I'm so inspired by this Work Station Armoire that Jordan put together to help save space in her home. Right now, Matt and I have an entire room devoted to our office and craft space (with wall to wall tables!), but once we bring a baby into our home, we'll have to consolidate. I'm not sure if I'll want my sewing machine in the baby's room (in something like an armoire that can close up nicely), or if it will make more sense to put it in our bedroom.

The lovely folks over at Young House Love just created an office/play room in their third bedroom. That's not an option for us since we only have two rooms, but it's making me think that it would be nice to have a dual-purpose space where the baby could play and I could work on stuff. Then again, maybe I'll want to do craft stuff after the baby has gone down for the night. But if we do co-sleeping, then that would mean the baby would be in our room, which means I wouldn't want the sewing machine in there anyway. Okay, all this pre-, pre-planning is starting to get confusing. I think I'll add these ideas to my inspiration folder and go think about something else now...

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Aamba said...

My mother had her sewing machine in her room. It was one of those almost magical things that inspired me as a child. Her room was such a special place and the sewing machine was a part of that.

Anonymous said...

Hi sara, just putting in my two cents, it's so hard to do so much in a limited space. The one thing i think is kind of important is to separate the living areas that one works in from the bedroom. I always thought of the bedroom as sort of a sanctuary, where you can just shut your brain off for a bit, spend some quality time with your loved one.

Meg said...

You have a bedrom for the baby, lady. Try to think of that as a blessing and let the rest go :) Jordan's space is like this because out here in the city babies go in closets. The idea of having a nursery seems so totally luxurious to me... that the rest seems like details. Our crafting and sewing gets done in the living room (the sewing machine lives in the closet, to be pulled out when needed). We count ourselves as super blessed because we have an eat in kitchen, so we have an extra table for working.

So. This is not to make you be hard(er) on yourself, but to remind you to let it all go, and appreciate the abundance that you have (good for all of us!)

E. said...

Growing up, we had a playroom type space downstairs in the basement and my mother would set up her computers and work while we played on the rug near her. It was nice to have that shared space.
I think for now, the key is to recognize you probably will not have a lot of time to sew/craft while the baby is a baby. So I think you work these things out later :).

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