Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Procrastination Project: Cleaning the Kitchen Pantry

In a desperate attempt to procrastinate productively, I decided to clean out our kitchen pantry. We even had little bags of Fritos in there since Halloween two years ago (we made a pumpkin chili). You have to admit that's pretty disgusting. We also have way too many appliances and not enough storage space.

I started by taking everything out of the cabinets. As I took stuff out, I threw things away that we no longer needed (bye, bye Fritos) and grouped like items together (apparently we have a lot of tea).

Next, I wiped off the surfaces to give us a fresh, clean start.

Finally, I tried to put everything back in more strategically. I put our lesser used items (like an ice-cream maker) in the back, and put our more common items (olive oil!) up front. Since we had so many loose packets of tea, I grouped everything into a plastic box I had lying around in my car.

The whole process too only about 20 minutes and it was so worth it. It's one of those things I always want to do but never make time for.

Hooray for avoiding my other work with a little home-improvement project!

What have you been meaning to make time for?

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Aamba said...

I love cleaning out my pantry! It's so satisfying. Your place looks really beautiful in those pictures.

Autumn Witt said...

I did a huge closet cleanout last weekend, donating three large bags of clothes to my local thrift store. I should really do this at the end of each season, when I can evaluate what I wore or didn't, but I always put it off.

eeg said...

Ah, summer cleaning. I'm doing the same thing out the cabinets in the bathroom. It's amazing how messy things can get!

Carrie said...

I've been meaning to print photos for my son's baby book. He's nearly a year and a half--probably time to do that! said...

Ooh it looks great! And I love the green in your kitchen!

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