Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pregnancy Pictures

Erin's Growing Baby Belly from Tim Betler on Vimeo.

I have to confess that Matt and I have not capitalized on the photo op provided by my ever-expanding pregnant belly. We haven't yet come up with a "concept," and it's preventing us from moving forward. Lame, I know.

First, I had the idea that we could bring our camera along on our weekly trip to Whole Foods and we could ask a different random stranger to pose with me each week. Although I like this idea, Matt and I agree that we are both a little too shy to pull this off.

Last week, we agreed that we would make a stop-motion video of my growing belly by taking many, many pictures and putting them all together to make a video. However, we disagreed about how we would take the pictures. I argued that I should wear the same outfit to keep some consistency, and Matt thought I should change my outfit every time.

This week, we decided that we could make a sort of thematic video. I could be planting seeds and watering them and then they could grow into a plant with a seed pod that eventually opens to reveal our baby. Our brains are still spinning with the logistics of this. I think it would work if we make the plant grow on the flat ground, but Matt thinks we should try to make it grow vertically.

Oy vey. Sometimes we are both too stubborn to work on creative projects together. We need to hurry and get our act together because my belly is seriously pooching!

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Anonymous said...

How about taping a yardstick to the wall and then you can see and measure how much it grows? Something though!!! You guys better get on it soon.

C├ęcy said...

I would say forget the concept. Just start filiming and taking pictures wherever, whenever and just put together the ones you like best. You can do some pictures with the same outfit and setting and some without and pick your favorites at the end. With numeric nowadays you don't really have to worry about printing it all.
That movie is really cute by the way, I like that it's not a still setting, that you see her doing fun stuff and the change of the seasons.

Carrie said...

I'm with Cecy. Just get on it! Time's a wastin'!

Catherine said...

Whatever you do, just don't post weekly pictures of your naked belly on facebook and annoy the crap out of your friends. :) Not that anything like that has happened to me.

redfrizzz said...

i love this 'concept' video you posted. You and Matt go to interesting places, have adventures, and live life! Capitalize on that! Then, when your baby is old enough, s/he will get to see all the places you went with them before they were out in the world.
whatever you guys decide to do, just start taking photos!!!

Kelsey said...

I think the important thing to remember is why you take pics while you're pregnant - to remember this special time in your life and also to show your little tot one day when they're way too big to fit in your tummy! Many people do cute things to document this passage of time but any documentation of a pregnant woman is cute! Definitely nothing to stress about, just take some pics!

Mrs T said...

That video is SO cute. Hope you come up with something VERY soon!

Sharpiegirl said...

here is an idea....


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