Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BellaBands and Bras

As we get deeper and deeper into this pregnancy, I continue to be very conscious about what we purchase. I've managed to get used maternity clothes from one of my acquaintances. As we think about what we need to buy before the baby comes, we're trying to take more of a minimalist approach (in order to be better for the environment, our budget, and our 1,000 square-foot house).

However, two products have been absolutely essential so far: a BellaBand and a soft bra to sleep in. The band has helped me extend my wardrobe. I'm able to wear all my old pants (unbuttoned with the band hiding the gap).

The soft bra was something I've had for a long time. I bought it as a more outdoorsy alternative to bras, but I never wear it because it doesn't provide enough support. However, it was absolutely perfect as a bra to sleep in throughout my first trimester when my breasts were extremely sore all the time, and I need to sleep in something supportive at night.

I seriously can't believe we're only five months away from delivery. The other night, I mentioned something about "six and a half months away" to Matt. He was like, "Um, you're due a lot sooner than that." I did the math and realized I was a month and a half off. Oops. I think counting the weeks is throwing me off.

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Sharpiegirl said...

Check your local Target I noticed ours just marked a bunch of maternity stuff down this week.
They also have decent nursing bras. I bought 4 with the last pregnancy (silly me) and I've been too lazy to go buy regular ones so I'm still wearing the 2 smaller ones and they have held up really well.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear positive remarks about the bella band. I never did buy one (I prefer skirts and honestly those maternity skirts are so cute nowadays that I still wear them sometimes, haha!) But when we have #2 maybe I'll invest in a bella band. It would be nice to still get to wear my comfy jogging pants... I missed those by about 6 months pregnant!

The Fulton Family said...

A friend of mine made her own bella bands from old tee shirts - Simple and cheap!

Cathy Anderson said...

I have been searching for a decent nursing bra that is comfortable, stylish, and functional, and have finally found it! Bali nursing bras are great because it has a wide comfortable band that doesn't dig into my breasts as many others did, and it is cut low enough that it doesn't stick out under tank tops or low-cut shirts.

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