Thursday, September 23, 2010

DIY: Appliqued Onesie

Friends of our just gave birth to a lovely little girl, and Matt and I need to send along a celebratory gift. We're opting to send an appliqued onesie that I made. (Please don't tell anyone that they are incredibly easy to make!).

  1. Find a fabric that has a design you would like to cut out and use. I used a vintage tablecloth for this flower.
  2. Cut loosely around the shape.
  3. Stick it to a piece of Steam-A-Seam.
  4. Cut closely around the edges of your design.
  5. Peel off the back of the Steam-A-Seam + Fabric and position it on the onesie. The cool thing about Steam-A-Seam (well, one of many!) is that you can reposition it as necessary.
  6. Once you're happy with the placement, hold a hot iron over the design (follow the Steam-A-Seam directions for temperature and length of time).
  7. Sew around the "patch" to secure it in place.
  8. Voila!

Writing this post inspired me to start an Etsy shop. When I start making stuff for Coconut, I might try to make a few extra and put them up for sale.

Also, the friends of ours who just had a baby inspired Matt to try and think of a "pushing present" to bestow upon me after I give birth to our baby. Our friend gave his partner a fancy new bike.

At first I told Matt that our new baby would be present enough. But then I realized what I want for my pushing present: two cupcakes from Crave. I've been seriously dedicated to eliminating refined sugar from my diet. In the past two months, I've only eating a ginger snap with a small scoop of ice-cream (because we were at a friends' house for dinner) and four bites of ice-cream when Matt and I went on a double date with friends of ours.

Indulging in two, delicious cupcakes sounds like the perfect way to celebrate our baby's Zero Birthday. (Hmm...I'm kind of getting inspired to make some fun bunting to string up for our homebirth. We'll see if I have time for that...)

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Anonymous said...

"I'm kind of getting inspired to make some fun bunting to string up for our homebirth."


Mama Frog said...

LOVE these onesies! Still want to offer them in my store! : ) And yes, you definitely need to open an etsy shop.

Carrie said...

As a non-crafty person, I really appreciate Etsy. My friend and I recently purchased a ton of appliques for onesies for another friend's shower. We had a onesie decorating party, which was a HUGE success!

julie said...

woohoo, bunting for all occasions! it takes so little time to make! i love it.

i'm now telling my husband i want an Xtracycle for a "pushing present"...

Sharpiegirl said...

Cute idea! I think I'll try it out on some t-shirts for my niece.

Moxie said...

If you haven't tried Dessert Gallery, I think their cupcakes are better than Crave... the cake-part stays moister and more flavorful.

One other option that is still delicious and keeps you closer to the no-refined-sugar diet is Baby Cakes NYC. They ship cupcakes anywhere, but that's probably a little excessive with shipping costs. However, they also have a cookbook with their recipes, and it would probably be an extra sweet push present if Matt made you delicious cupcakes from scratch! =)

Prettylittlemess said...

Not to discourage you, but Etsy is literally SATURATED with people selling applique onesies. As adorable as the one you made is, the time + supply costs + hassle of selling online = little to no profit and a big headache. Trust me, I tried it.

Stay focused on your baby and becoming a mother!

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