Monday, September 27, 2010

Montessori Self-Service Water Station

Image courtesy of Meg via Sew Liberated

I'm so inspired by the toddler self-service water station that Meg set up for her son Finn (featured over at Sew Liberated).
I am definitely bookmarking this post to remind myself of a great strategy for cultivating independence, concentration, and focus.

That reminds me: I need to add the documentary Edison's Day to my baby registry. It's all about a family that implements Montessori in their home with a 21-month old. It's chock-full of ideas!

I need to learn more about Montessori for infants. Hmm...let me see what resources I can find right now:

  • Here's a video about an infant/toddler Montessori class. It reminds me to incorporate mirrors, as well as a variety of carpeted surfaces, wood, etc.
  • This video points out that it's helpful to give children rattles that show how the sound is made. It also explains that activities should provide some challenge and lots of repitition.
  • There are a few interesting ideas in this article, like opting for muted colors over bold ones.
  • This article (although advertisment-heavy) has some really useful ideas. It makes me think we should opt for a bookshelf with baskets for clothes, rather than a dresser.


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Ms Bear Cub/ Allison said...

Thanks for the links, Sara! I've been reading Montessori: science behind the genius - the first few chapters are about infants and toddlers, so it's really cool to see everything in action!

Randa said...

I knew almost nothing about the Montessori way until you started blogging about it and now I find it very interesting! If you ever find a book about Montessori, can you post it? I would love to read it.

Also, and this is random, but I was talking with some people today when this site came up:

I immediately thought of you and had to send it to you. It has a bunch of great, research based information and ideas on what to do to raise a child, to put it briefly. I really like the "Better Brains for Babies" and the "Ages and Stages" sections.

I'm sure other states have extension offices with similar offices. This just happens to be my state so it's the one I automatically went to.


bklyn76 said...

thanks for the fantastic links. as an elementary montessori teacher i know lots for the older children, but not as much for my wee little guy!

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi, Randa: Thanks for the link! I can't wait to check it out. And I'll add a sidebar about Montessori books I recommend! Allison reminded me to go back to The Science Behind the Genius (it's a good one). I've read all my Montessori books through the lens of an elementary teacher. Now I need to go back and see what they offer about infants and toddlers. Hooray!

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