Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Room Update

The office/craft room/guest room before we started the baby room makeover

Our nursery creation has begun!

Initially, I wasn't planning to start buying anything until December, but we were already at IKEA for the third time in two weeks, and Matt suggested that we go ahead and buy the sleeper sofa that we had been talking about purchasing for the baby's room.

We went to IKEA last weekend to buy a bookshelf for our closet. I had planned to reorganize our bedroom closet in September, but we needed a new bookshelf to free up some space in there.

We ended up buying the wrong size, returning it, and going back a week later to buy a new size. Since we were pretty confident that we wanted a sleeper sofa for the baby's room, we went ahead and purchased the EXTORP.

Since we have a two-bedroom house, our baby's room is going to be multi-functional. Before the baby starts crawling (that's at least six months, right?), the room will be an office and our guest room and the baby's room. During that time, the baby will likely be sleeping in our room, and the baby and I will spend our days in the baby's room, since that's my favorite room in the house. I know I won't be able to do much at first, but once things settle down, I would like to be able to sew and type on my laptop in there.

The sleeper sofa means out-of-town helpers will have a place to sleep when they come to help with the baby (since the baby will be sleeping in our room anyway). Eventually, we hope to move to a three-bedroom house. One room for us, one for the baby, and an office/guest room. Until that happens, we'll just have to make use of the space we have!

Right now, we are letting the sleeper sofa off-gas in the room with all the windows open, a fan blowing, and the door to the rest of the house shut. It's disgusting to think about what kind of chemicals we're breathing in. It makes me want to hurry and get the baby's room ready so it will have plenty of time to off-gas before he arrives (although I'll have to avoid breathing all that stuff in, too!).

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