Monday, October 25, 2010

Holiday Decoration Update

Woo-hoo! I have nearly finished making some new holiday decorations. Honestly, I had so much fun carving out time to hand-make these objects. I feel like we will return to them--year after year--as our family grows and we create new traditions together.

For the "Cherish" banner, I bought this pattern and followed it closely.

For the advent calendar, I was inspired by this tutorial, although I was too lazy to actually pull out my computer and reference it when it was time to make it.

For the quilted table runner, I just winged it (or is it "wung" it?). I'll be posting a quasi-tutorial over at 2000 Dollar Wedding soon. (But be forewarned that I am one of the internet's worst tutorial writers; I'm just too impatient to stop and take all the requisite pictures!)

Next up on my Handmade Goodness Agenda:
  1. A Happy Birthday banner to hang up for our son's homebirth
  2. Pillows for the sleeper sofa in the baby's room
  3. A quilt for Coconut's room
  4. A diaper bag (that's really just a bag with lots of compartments)
  5. An ottoman cushion for the baby's room
  6. Tags to label Coconut's book baskets (fiction, non-fiction, and books from the public library)
  7. A stuffed animal for the baby's bookshelf
  8. Little bean bags
  9. Felt balls
  10. Pillows in cool shapes to decorate the baby's bed
  11. A knitted hat

Oh my. That list is a little overwhelming. I need to go back and prioritize it from most important to least important. It might not all get done in the next four months, and I want to make sure the most important stuff gets done first...

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mum mum said...

Heya!! For a diaper bag, you might want to look at patterns and tutorials for the Onbag and Baby Onbag... it's designed to be compatible with babywearing. And if you get into THAT, there's endless DIY projects I can nominate for your to-do list. You know, for when you get bored. :p

Moxie said...

Very cute! I also like how the bunting and table runner match!

Looking forward to see the diaper bag--I love bags with lots of compartments!

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