Thursday, October 14, 2010

Revitalized Corner

Matt and I have lived in our house for a good 2.5 years. As a result, our house is pretty settled in. However, there are areas of our house that drive me nuts. I notice them day in and day out, and yet I usually drag my feet when it comes to doing anything about them.

When I do finally take the time to fix the problem, I'm usually amazed that it takes approximately 15 minutes to reach an acceptable solution.

Take the top of this bookshelf, for example. It used to drive me crazy (I'm sorry I don't have a before shot!). I spent 15 minutes rearranging it by pulling things from another book shelf (which was also driving me nuts with its clutter), moving things to another room (like a basket, as well as Matt's marathon medals), and hiding things (like a little jar we use to collect coins--it's now hidden inside one of the pots). I wanted to create some variety in the heights of the objects, so I simply pulled some books off our already-full shelves (and kept the color consistent with the pots).

And that's all it took to turn my aggravation into appreciation! I now smile when I pass that bookshelf. The transformation took so little time and zero dollars.


Any pockets of your humble abode that need a quick update?

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Sarah said...

Isn't it crazy?! We moved into our house about a year ago and never organized the bathroom cabinet. It was so bad, things would fall out when I pulled the hair dryer out. One afternoon, while my husband was recaulking the tub, he wanted me to hang out, so I hung out in the bathroom and figured it was a good time to do the sink. We found so much stuff under there! And now it's clean, and has thankfully stayed clean for the past month or so. Whew! Now I need to work up the wherewithal to do the same with the spare bedroom...

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