Thursday, November 4, 2010

Birthday Bunting

Hooray! I'm having so much fun making things that are likely to be in our family for a long, long time. Once I finished the holiday decorations, I decided to move onto the Happy Birthday bunting for our little boy due in February.

I followed the same pattern and process I used to make the "Cherish" bunting. It was even simpler the second time. Having a cutting mat and a rotary cutter really makes the process quicker.

I regret that I went with a polka dot pattern for the letters, since it's kind of overwhelming and difficult to read. A solid pattern would have looked better (Matt jokes--in a loving way--that it looks like a colorblind test). I might make new letters and iron them on to the back or I might just settle for less than ideal and start another project instead.

Let me go back to my List O' Handmade Goodness to see what I need to work on next:
  1. Pillows for the sleeper sofa in the baby's room
  2. A quilt for the baby
  3. A diaper bag (that's really just a bag with lots of compartments)
  4. An ottoman cushion for the baby's room
  5. Tags to label the baby's book baskets (fiction, non-fiction, and books from the public library)
  6. A stuffed animal for the baby's bookshelf
  7. Little bean bags
  8. Felt balls
  9. Pillows in cool shapes to decorate the baby's bed
  10. A knitted hat (with bloodhound ears)

I think I need to start on the ottoman cushion, since it's going to take center stage in the room. Whatever fabric I pick for it is likely to set the tone for other fabrics (no pressure or anything). I wish I were a better home decorator!

At first I thought I was going to make a poof like the one featured here, but now I'm wondering if I should make two squares to stack on each other like the one featured in this post (it's next to the description of the Echino booth).

Have you seen any other good ottoman patterns floating around out there? Please share!

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Sharpiegirl said...

You could always make it a gift or a giveaway then make yourself a different one. Who knows...that could be a cool thing to sell on Etsy for when you are off work.

erin said...

Could you put some kind of a darker border around the letters?

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