Monday, November 1, 2010

November: Reflection & Rejuvenation

From the Nikki McClure Calendar

The months are flying by! But it's good. I'm simultaneously excited that we're getting closer and closer to the birth (we're due in mid-February) and I'm satisfied that I'm dutifully preparing for it. I think I can attribute my joyful attitude to the fact that I'm consciously making space in my life for pregnancy. I work ten hours a day on school stuff, but then I come home and take an hour-long nap and then take Hoss on an hour-long walk. Matt and I cook together about four times a week and enjoy meals out approximately three times a week. Then I usually have a good hour and a half to relax before bed (and I religiously get 7-8 hours of sleep).

Ironically, it takes a ton of work to prioritize resting, exercising, and preparing healthy foods, but I feel like it's making all the difference in my pregnancy. I'm continuing to take my other commitments seriously and meet all of my obligations, but I'm also honoring the work that my body is doing and giving my mind and heart the space they need to do their important work. These foundational years in our child's life are so important. I want to tend to them with the steadfastness and dedication they deserve.

I hope to continue along the same path once the baby arrives and I'm on maternity leave. I'm trying to set up tons of support systems to ease the transition. I'm also making plans to clear my obligations and responsibilities, so that I can prioritize our changing life and its new demands.

In terms of my to-do list for this month, I've been falling a little behind. I'm okay with it because I've also been working ahead on tasks that are coming up in later months. I think it will balance out in the end. Specifically, here's what I've accomplished this month off my list:
  • Learn about infancy
  • Complete holiday decorations
  • Travel to Dallas to make a presentation about Montessori
  • Travel to the Austin area to watch Matt run a marathon
  • Hire a doula
  • Keep adding to baby registry
  • Execute the second Purposeful Conception Course
  • Buy a new desk (we just moved the desk/end table out of our bedroom and into the baby's room)
  • Work on the baby's room
  • Make birthday banner
  • Travel to Austin to support Matt in a race
  • Relax and rest

Here are my intentions for the month of November:
  • Organize the bedroom
  • Organize the kitchen
  • Pull together Matt's birthday present
  • Invite a friend over for a dinner party
  • Attend a La Leche meeting
  • Spend Thanksgiving vacation engaged in a two-person writing retreat (with my best friend)
  • Help Matt plan his birthday party
  • Spruce up our front porch
  • Buy holiday presents
  • Organize the living room
  • Keep working on baby's room
  • Learn about infancy
  • Relax and rest

Some things to keep in mind for December:

I just spent a few minutes transferring things from this list to my calendar. If I don't transfer it, I'm like to "set it and forget it." I'll only have two weekends at home next month, so I'm likely to be a bit busy!

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Anonymous said...

O.M.G. We GET IT. You are due in FEBRUARY.

Kelsey said...

I love your monthly goals and evaluations. You've inspired me to do the same and I am doing a better job of getting done what I want and feeling less overwhelmed by everything b/c I have it all written down and I can prioritize.

It seems like you're going a great job of being relaxed and making room in your life for pregnancy and soon a baby!

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ Anonymous: The main reason I repeat when I'm due (or other information that you've seen over and over again) is because of the nature of blogging. People jump in and out of blogs and it helps for them to have context.

Michelle said...

Hi! I am in training to be a doula and attended my training workshop with Patti Heimlich. She is in Houston. I don't think there are many doulas in Houston, but regardless, I would highly recommend her. She was an excellent teacher and is also a LMT.

Good luck with everything! Your task list is impressive!

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