Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bowling Baby Shower

Matt and I are trying to accomplish as much as possible before the Christmas holiday. When we get back in January, I'll be 34 weeks pregnant (out of 40). Since many babies are known to arrive up to two weeks early, it makes sense for us to be prepared as early as possible. Also, I'm nervous about taking childbirth classes twice a week for two hours a night for three weeks. Eek!

Since our evenings are already so packed, we try to get as much done as possible on the weekends (and still relax and have fun!). This weekend, I made a new slipcover for the ottoman in the baby's room, wrote lots of thank you cards, made a trip to IKEA and Home Depot for more nursery stuff, and ordered the invitations for our Bowling Baby Shower.

Matt and I decided that we wanted to have a party to celebrate the imminent arrival of our little chap, but we didn't want to saddle our friends with the burden of hosting something. So we opted to just go bowling instead! We had a free postcard deal from Vistaprint, so we decided to make a color invitation. We used some pregnancy paint that a friend of mine gave us to paint my belly like a hot pink bowling ball and then headed into the backyard (with one of our neighbors) for a photo shoot. We had a ball (pun intended)!

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Kristen (kristenwalker.com) said...

These pictures are SO CUTE!!!!!!!! A bowling baby shower sounds like so much fun, and a nice way to have something not so stressful, but lots of fun.


Carrie said...

You look wonderful, Sara!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! You look fantastic! And it looks like that little wrap skirt you made is getting some use :)

Aamba said...

I can't believe how close you are! The time has flown by from my perspective

Bridey said...

I love Matt's facial in the second to last photo!

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