Wednesday, December 22, 2010

iPod Applications?

Refrigerator magnets

I realize that I've already said goodbye and signed off for the year, but I have too many post ideas piling up. I need to express some of them before I bring engorgement upon myself (can you tell I've been learning more about breast feeding today?).

Really, this post isn't so much an idea as much as it is a request. You see, I have an iPhone, but I am terrible about using technology to its fullest capabilities. As I thought about using Microsoft Word to create a tracking sheet for our baby's eating/peeing/pooping/etc., I remembered that someone around these parts has already mentioned there's an app for that.

So, please, tell me what I'm missing! What apps do you find helpful for new parenthood? What about life in general?

Please share your wisdom!

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Stephanie said...

HI Sara...
I used a pregnancy countdown app while I was pregnant which was fun but what was SUPER useful was a nursing app.. For at least the first few weeks it was great to record when I was feeding, which side I started on, how long baby nursed, etc. It also used a timer to remind me when to nurse again! Good Luck!!

colleen said...

Hi Sara! I used Total Baby, which tracks feedings, diapers, sleeping & baths, plus you can add your own categories (e.g. medications). I found it very useful at the beginning, but abandoned it when the line between sleeping & eating got too blurred (although by then, we were fairly confident the baby was doing everything okay).

I also downloaded a couple of free contraction counters for my iPhone. They were helpful in the days before I delivered because I could see a pattern of contractions forming, and then watch them dwindle & disappear. This way I didn't get overly excited too early. Once I was actually in labor, the emotional signposts we'd learned in our Bradley classes were spot-on, so we didnt time anything at that point.

Hope this helps!

Jenny said...

I've heard great things about that one!

cassiel said...

Not for parenthood but for life in general - the Ethical Shopper app. I've see the Australian version but there must be a US one.

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