Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DIY: House Pillow

I felt like "Coconut's" Montessori floor bed looked a little stark against the wall, so I decided to make a cute pillow in the shape of a house. Originally, I was going to make a whole series of animal pillows or a cityscape, but I vetoed that idea since babies aren't supposed to have pillows on their beds anyway. It will be easy to remove one pillow, but a whole pile of them might get annoying.

The process was very simple (thankfully, since I had just struggled to make two fitted sheets for his co-sleeper). Here's what I did:
  • Pulled out fabric from our scrap box and picked some fabrics that coordinatedAdd Image well with the room and each other
  • Ironed all the fabrics (I'm such a fan of ironing while sewing. The extra step can be a hassle, but it's so much easier to work with flattened fabrics.)
  • Made the base of the house by folding a larger piece of fabric together (right side to right side) and cutting out a square
  • Made all the windows and the door by cutting out squares and rectangles
  • Used Steam-a-Seam to attach the windows and door to one piece of the square house base
  • Sewed around the edges of each window and the door to prevent fraying
  • Folded a piece of fabric together (right side to right side) and cut out a triangle for the roof
  • Sewed one of the triangles to each of the square bases
  • Put the triangle + square pieces together (right side to right side) and sewed around three sides
  • Turned the house right side out and stuffed it with filling
  • Sewed the top of the house closed

Voila! It really was a simple project. I didn't measure anything or worry about precision in any way.

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Beehive said...

I don't want to be a debbie downer, but are you sure the sheets you made are tightly fitting enough? I know crib sheets are supposed to fit so tightly you think they're going to tear. Just want to make sure coconut is going to be safe (not like he'll be able to roll over yet anyway, but when he's able he won't be able to go from stomach to back for a while so it's my understanding that that's where the safety problem arises).

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