Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter to My Son Henry: One Month

Dearest Henry,

At this very moment, you're asleep on my chest, looking as cute as can be. Even though these early days of transitioning into life with a newborn have been difficult, we are trying to savor every moment. In three short days, you will already be a month old. A whole month! You are growing so fast. You had already regained your birth weight (plus several more ounces) a few days before the two-week mark. Plus, you truly have "Texas-sized" hands and feet.

We started calling you piglet early on because when you're hungry you start snorting and squealing. You are the cutest little piglet with your bed head and your kissable cheeks. We also call you "The Bellagio" because you love, love, love to pee on us when we're changing your diaper.

You've already met so many of your family members: Grandma Cotner, Uncle Dustin, Grandma Bradford, Grandpa Bradford, Uncle Mike, Uncle John, Great-Aunt Elizabeth, Great-Uncle Jeff, and your Great-Grandma Bradford.

Your main hobbies are breast-feeding, burping very loudly, staring at the chickens, being outside, and napping (but only if we are carrying you around or if you are sleeping right next to me). If I move even an inch to the side, you figure out a way to scoot yourself closer to me.

Even though you aren't even smiling yet (unless you are passing gas or peeing on us), you have already taught me so much. During the first nine months that you were growing inside me, you taught me that I can control the inputs, but not the outputs. Now that you are here, you are teaching me that life passes quickly and we must appreciate what we have while we have it. You are also teaching me that sometimes you can't get around or over or under the hard parts of life (like giving birth or raising a newborn); you just have to accept it and plow straight through it.

It's only been 25 days, and my love for you is already sinking its roots deep into the soil. I can only begin to imagine how tall the stalk will grow with each passing year!

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1 comment:

Jill said...

I love the idea of letters to Henry via the blog; I had wrote many to my kiddos (that's cuz blogs didn't exist then) and I my kids laugh when they see me scratch words out (no back space :)). He's a very lucky boy to have such a great mom.

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