Thursday, April 21, 2011

Etsy Find

I fell in love with this image of basket containers via Martha Stewart and then later that day I saw this basket on the front page off Etsy for $12.50. I snatched it up with my allowance money. But later, when I showed the photo to Matt, he said he really liked it and he was fine if we used our joint funds to buy it. Woo-hoo!

There are a few parts of our house that need work. Every time I pass by them, they bother me, and yet I haven't yet done anything about them. Argh! As I said a while ago, it often only takes 15 minutes to turn my aggravation into appreciation, and yet I somehow don't set aside the time to just do it.

Perhaps if I make a very specific list about what I want to fix:
  • I want to get everything that's on top of our kitchen cupboards out of sight. It looks so cluttered!
  • I want to do something with the IKEA chair in our living room. I want to keep it, but it simply doesn't fit in our current house. Maybe I could find a friend to borrow it indefinitely until we move into a bigger house...
  • We need a new rug in our living room. It's stained and the corner folds up. Argh!
  • We need to go through our bookshelves again and purge, purge, purge! Then we need to "style" our bookshelves with some interesting objects.
  • We need to get some shallow tupperware that slides under our bed. That way, Matt can store stuff under his side of the bed instead of letting it accumulate on the bedside table.
  • We need to deflate the birthing ball and get it out of our dining room. Aaaahhhh!
  • We need to get new dishes and glasses.
  • I need to replace two of the plants that are not growing well in our house.
  • We need to get our gift card situation under control. We still have one from our wedding nearly three years ago. Plus, we just got a ton for Henry.
  • We need to take down the porch lights that don't work.
  • We need to find a tray for the coffee table.
  • I need to recover one of our chairs.
  • We need new pillows for our couch.

Okay. Having the list makes me feel better. The beast feels conquerable!

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freespiritfarm said...

A little random, but I was reading the other day that a solution for area rugs that have corners that fold up is to sew a metal 90 degree ruler (that has cork on one side) to the corner! Although it won't be as pretty as a new rug, it's a good solution until you get one! :-)

Katie said...

I'm not sure if you use Vistaprint (I remember reading when you need to print things you search for promotion codes) but they are having a special on one of those deal sites.. $10 for $50 dollars worth of stuff!

Not sure how to include a hyperlink! Just wanted to share this with you in case it's something you could use!

V. Wetlaufer said...

freespiritfarm, I saw the same tip, and I was just going to suggest it, too!

My apartment had gotten so messy this semester as I've been extremely busy and I had a to-do list a mile long when I found out last weekend that this week I'd have houseguests and an apartment inspection, so my friends came over and helped me clean. It's not perfect, but we got things done that I've been putting off as long as I've lived here (nearly 2 years now)! Listmaking definitely helps. And I am so much happier now in my home!

Marty said...

I'm really intrigued about this ruler solution. How do you sew it on? I have a rug that has a corner that sticks up, and my roomba always gets stuck on it.

I really need to get some new throw pillows for my couch! Add that to the summer projects list, I guess.

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