Thursday, May 26, 2011

DIY: Shirt Applique

While Henry was actively engaged in watching his butterfly mobile, I decided to squeeze in a little crafting time to work on my shirt.

Henry - Happy Friday! from SaraMattHossHop-singClemHenry on Vimeo

Step One:
  • I put on the shirt and figured out how I wanted to modify the sleeves by playing around with different folds. When I found something I liked, I pinned each sleeve in place.

And, um, that's all I was able to accomplish during my first work period. So sad!

Step Two:
  • Later in the day, during one of Henry's nap times, I hemmed the sleeves along the new lines.
  • I then used pinking shears to cut off the excess fabric.

Step Three:
  • I cut a small square of fabric and attached it to one of the sticky sides of Steam-a-Seam.
  • I printed the bird clip art and cut out the birds.
  • I traced each bird onto the paper side of the Steam-a-Seam that was already attached to the fabric.
  • I cut out each bird.

Step Four:
  • I peeled the paper back off of each bird and positioned them on the shirt.
  • I followed the Steam-a-Seam directions and ironed the birds on.
  • I sewed around the edges of each bird to make sure they stayed put.


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Andee said...

Henry is so vocal! He is so sweet. Awesome job on the shirt too!

Rachel said...

Wow! Supermum!

I LOVE the mobile -- would like to know where you got that?

Sara E. Cotner said...

It's from the Michael Olaf company!

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