Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shirt Applique

I am in a little bit of a pickle.

On the one hand, my pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit me right now, and I desperately need to get some that I can wear.

On the other hand, I'm trying to be really, really intentional about only bringing things into our house that I love, love, love. We have too much stuff and clutter as it is.

The problem is that it's hard for me to get out and put forth the effort it takes for me to find clothes that I love because a) I have a new baby who prefers the Moby to the stroller and makes it difficult to try on clothes and b) I don't like shopping that much.

I did manage to buy a pair of used jeans that are super-cute, but I have to confess that they, too, are too small. I should have admitted it to myself at the store, but they were adorable and cheap, so I bought them. Mistake!

So this past weekend I went out again (while Matt was on Henry duty). I was determined to get a pair of jeans that actually fit.

While I was at a consignment shop, I found a comfortable $10 shirt from the GAP. I decided it would be good for applique. Then I noticed it had a small hole in it (which is no big deal since I can applique right over it), so I managed to get a 50% discount. Hooray!

Now what to applique? I'm thinking birds. Let me do a quick google images search and see if I can come up with anything:

I like the way those birds look, but what kind are they? Seagulls? Hmmm...

I also need to do a little work on the sleeves. Currently, they aren't very flattering on me because they make my swimmer-shoulders look even wider than they already are. I'm thinking about just using a seam ripper or scissors to take them right off, especially because jersey doesn't fray. Or I might put some elastic in them to give them a little shape.

Now I just need to find some time for crafting...

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Kate S. said...

Umm....weirdness...I bought that same GAP shirt at a consignment store in Boston, MA wore it for two years and then noticed it had gotten a small hole in the shoulder area so decided to give it up again to my nearest thrift store. Could it be possible to have traveled halfway across the country? Or do you think that GAP shirt is just prone to holes?!?! :-) It's an adorable shirt, but you're right, the arms need a little something.

Andee said...

I just discovered a tiny hole in one of my very favorite shirts yesterday and was wondering if an applique would help hide/contain it! Awesome thanks!

WilderMiss said...

Fun! I look forward to seeing how it turns out!

Quesion - have you ever considered posting a house tour on the blog? (Apologies if you've already done this - I've only been reading for 8 months or so.) I know that's not at all the focus of your blog but it's always fun to get to know a blogger better and we are always being teased with these little snippets of cuteness in pictures about other topics!

Kelsey said...

Sounds like you're already hitting the thrift stores but Goodwill has 50% off every other Saturday! (at least they do out here)

Anonymous said...

I'm going on a trip in a month. I decided that I want to bargin hunt for clothes. I'm going to hit up all the Goodwill stores and find clothes that I can sew into something new. I love your shirt idea! I hope you find the time to make your own! :)

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