Thursday, June 23, 2011

De-Cluttering Rampage: Dry Goods Drawer

Okay, people, I am on a serious de-cluttering rampage. I'm finally starting to internalize the idea that if something in our house bothers me, I should spend 15 minutes fixing it and then bask in the new-and-improved area day in and day out.

Case in point: Our dry goods drawer. Check out the "before" photo! It was chock-full of stuff. Every time I tried to close it, plastic would hang out the side. There were stray pieces of rice strewn across the bottom of the drawer. It contained almonds that haven't been touched in over a year.


So I spent 15 minutes taking everything out of the drawer, tossing a bunch of it, and putting the remaining stuff back in. While I was at it, I found a recipe to use up the random box of barley I found. We're also going to make sushi this week to use up the bag of sushi rice in there, I'm going to use all those lentils I bought so long ago to make dal, and I made whole wheat spaghetti for lunch today.


It's simply crazy to me how I can let something bother me over and over again for months (or--gasp--years!) before finally mustering the motivation to do something about it. And when I do muster the motivation, I realize it only takes 15 minutes to fix the problem.


Next Up: Our Shower...

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Kelsey said...

Yes! I am so sensitive to my environment too - I even sleep better when my home is clean and organized. I have lately been feeling like our closet and drawer disorganization is affecting me, even though I can't see it most of the time I know it's there! We cleaned out our bedroom closet this weekend and it is amazing how much satisfaction you can get from pretty low effort. I will definitely be tackling more closets and drawers soon.

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